Participants Outside Turkey 100 EURO
Picture Poster Participation Fee 100 EURO




  1. Our congress is held remotely / online and there is no physical participation. Separate passwords for online participation are sent to each participant to the e-mail address s/he used during registration over the registered membership information in the system. Passwords are sent one by one to the congress participants and unregistered participants cannot participate in our congress. For this reason, the system administrator allows access to the system only for those who are registered in the system.

  2. Our congress is national and international in nature and meets the academic incentive criteria and associate professorship application criteria. Thus, do not request information on this subject and do not initiate relevant communication.

  3. There are two ways to participate in our congress. External participation is "Sectoral", "Audience" and "Academic", "Scientific", "Student". Separate participation fees are determined for external participants and academic staff. These fees are as shown in the table above.

  4. The presentation, order, prioritization, relocation and all other management of the papers in the sessions of our congress belong to the relevant session chair. Therefore, our congress committees and other interested parties cannot intervene in the sessions and interfere with the duties of the session chairmen. All requests on this matter must be submitted to the relevant session chairs.

  5. You can only participate with "one" paper with one registration. The way of presentation of this paper depends on the preference of the relevant participant. Each participant who submits more than one paper must pay half of the congress participation fee for each incremental paper.

  6. Presentations are made in English and Turkish in our congress. This presentation preference should be made when uploading the abstract to our congress. If you want to make a presentation in whatever language, please participate with the paper prepared in that language. Do not send abstract and full text other than the language you presented and preferred.

  7. If the papers and posters sent to our congress are derived and produced from the "MASTER AND PhD" theses, it is obligatory to include the owner of the relevant study in the first place and the name of the consultant in the second place. Every participant participating in our congress is obliged to comply with this obligation.The participant(s) concerned are responsible for the problem and disruption, and the congress management and organizers do not accept any liability. In addition, if the relevant paper was produced from the project and supported by an institution, the project code / number and information about the project must be indicated at the end of the abstract text. The negativity arising from this deficiency belongs to the participant.

  8. In our congress, all kinds of transactions are carried out over the system, transactions made via e-mail are not accepted. For this reason, you must make your paper submissions with your membership information you made on the system. All kinds of information about our congress are available on our congress website. For this reason, do not request information via telephone or similar communication means.

  9. Full text submission date is until 24:00 on the second day of the congress. In case this date is postponed and brought forward, the participants will be notified by e-mail by the relevant congress authorities. Unless there is information sharing in this direction, "FULL TEXT SUBMISSION DATE IS 24:00 AT THE END OF THE CONGRESS." Submission of full text is not mandatory in our congress. "SUBMISSION OF FULL TEXT IS MANDATORY” for the participants who will benefit from the academic incentive criteria.

  10. Each paper is sent to a referee for approval. Papers approved by the referee appear in the system with the phrase "VERBAL or POSTER". Papers appearing with the phrase "IN LINE" means accepted. For this reason, an automatic e-mail information is sent to the e-mail address of the participant who is a member of the system for the notifications accepted and queued. Participants who do not register cannot upload full text to the system. Full text upload is only valid for the papers that are registered and transferred to the front panel.

  11. In the registration process for our congress, the name and surname of one of the participants whose name is in the relevant paper must be written in the explanation section in RECEIPTS. In addition, information about the congress should be included. For payments made via ATM, name of the participant should be specified, not the T.R. identity number. Our congress cannot be held responsible for the disruption. Participants providing participation from Turkey and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are obliged to pay fee via EFT / MONEY TRANSFER. Payments with CREDIT CARD are only valid for foreign national participants. Payments by credit card are not accepted for non-foreign nationals.

  12. For the payments made from the institution, business and company accounts, the stamp information of the companies that make the payment should be included in the receipt or the company stamp information should be sent with the receipt while sending it by e-mail.

  13. Invitation and acceptance letters are sent after the paper fee is paid to the congress account. (LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE IS NOT SENT AT CONGRESSES WHICH HELD WITH NON-PHYSICAL REMOTE ACCESS ZOOM. ACCEPTANCE EMAIL SENT THROUGH THE SYSTEM CAN BE USED AS AN ACCEPTANCE LETTER) Please send your payment receipt to address. 

  14. Dear participants, papers will be published in full text. The abstract texts of the participants who do not submit the full text will be included in the same book. Full text submission is not required. The congress proceedings book will be published as PDF on the congress website after the congress with E-ISBN. Participants' participation documents will be sent in PDF format to the e-mail address used by the participant during membership. A certificate of participation is prepared separately for each participant for each paper. If there is more than one name in the paper, it does not mean that each name will be sent a separate participation certificate. Participation certificates are issued for each paper.








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