Çetin TAN, Yüksel SAVUCU, Ali Serdar YÜCEL, Omar MOHAMMED
Throughout human history, sports, religion and culture have been closely linked. Religion, culture and sports use symbols as their primary means of communication. Freedom is measured through sports and art, because freedom means expression, expression with language and body. This research attempts to explain several concepts and discuss the common history of sports, religion and culture that religion and culture have influenced sports at several stages, but in the modern world we see that sports has brought together many different religions and cultures. In the Abrahamic religions, they have issued specific rules for their followers to do or not to do sports, and some sports are considered immoral, which goes back to the issue of ethics. Or in some country’s sports are a form of culture and everyone is free to do them, while in other countries sports are separated and some sports are called masculine and others feminine. In this research, It has been concluded that sports, religion and culture are intensely intertwined and there is no clear dividing line between them, because both religious and cultural dances and games contain a kind of sport, and sports contain a kind of religion. In the modern life also the sport is almost a part of culture. ORCID NO: 0000-0002-4543-4123

Anahtar Kelimeler: Play, Game, Sport, Society, Culture, Religion